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Please follow the instructions below to book your Covid19 Rapid Antigen Test with us.

Please note that PCR test is not offered at this time.


    1. Make an appointment for a sample collection in the appointment calendar below.
    2. Check your email for Appointment Information (including Payment Instructions and other required information).
    3. Complete and submit Patient information form by clicking on the link in the appointment confirmation email.
    4. Come to Andrews Memorial Hospital Covid 19 Centre to make payment. Only payments from debit, credit and master cards will be accepted.
    5. Come to Andrews Memorial Hospital Covid 19 Centre for sample to be taken. Please bring a valid ID (Passport or Drivers License).
    6. Await results. Results are emailed within 24-48hrs after sample collection.

Please note the following:

Your appointment/booking will not be processed until you have done steps 1, 2 and 3 above.

An appointment/booking will automatically be cancelled within 24 hours if the third step is not completed or if we are unable to confirm your appointment via phone.

By proceeding to the booking section below, this indicates that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions above.

Q & A

Q. Is it true that the Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH) is now testing for COVID-19?
A. As of January 6, 2021, the Andrews Memorial Hospital has been authorized by the
Government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Health, to test for COVID-19. Further notice will be given as to when testing will begin.

Q. Can I come in today and get the test?
A. The hospital will be fully equipped to offer the test in two (2) weeks’ time. Although the hospital has been authorized to test for COVID-19, it must be properly equipped to do so. We
should complete our preparations in two weeks after which testing will commence.

Q. Do I need to make an appointment to get the test done.
A. Yes. To minimize waiting time and to ensure that results are returned in the shortest possible
time, you are being asked to make an appointment to get the test done. For your
convenience, you may also register / make an appointment on our website at:


Q. Who can be tested?
A. When we begin testing in two weeks’ time, anyone can be tested.
However, Travelers, Persons showing symptoms and the more vulnerable such as the elderly and specially encouraged to be tested.

Q. What type of tests will the hospital be offering?
A. The hospital will offer the Rapid Antigen Test to the public.
However, when the PCR test becomes available, this will be offered.

Q. What is the Rapid Antigen Test and how is it done?
A. The Rapid Antigen Test is a diagnostic test done by taking a nose or throat swab. This test is
used to detect the virus in a person’s respiratory tract and can yield results in a shorter time than PCR testing. This time varies between 6 -12hrs. depending on the amount of sample received.

Q. Does the test hurt?
A. Some persons who have taken the test report a slight discomfort. Others indicate running eyes.

Q. Is this test safe.
A. This test is offered internationally and is safe.

Q. Is the Rapid Antigen Test accurate?
A. The Rapid Antigen Test is more accurate in those showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Q. Do I have to pay for the test and if so, how much does it cost?
A. There will be a cost for the test. You will be required to pay when you come to the
hospital to have the test done. You will also have the option of booking your appointment and paying for the test on our website, as soon as we commence testing.

Q. How long will I have to wait for the test result?
A. The test results should be available within 12-24hrs depending on the number of samples received.

Q. Are there other COVID-19 tests?
A. Yes. Apart from the Rapid Antigen Test, there is the PCR Test.

Q. What is the PCR Test?
A. The PCR Test can identify genetic material that is specific to the virus. It can detect the virus
within days of infection, even if a person does not show any symptoms. There is also a longer
waiting time – up to a week or more – for results.

Q. Does Andrews Hospital offer the PCR test.
A. No. We do not offer the PCR test at this time. We offer the Rapid Antigen Test.

Q. Can the hospital recommend someone who offers the PCR test?
A. For that information, please call the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

Q. Who should be tested for COVID-19?
A. If you, your co-workers, members of your family, friends or anyone you have been close
to show symptoms of COVID-19 (loss of taste or smell; fever, cough etc.), or have been
exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has displayed symptoms of the virus, you should be tested. You will also be required to be tested when travelling to other countries or entering institutions or places of business.

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