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Patients suffering from  kidney stones can now access this non-Invasive Out Patient treatment called Shockwave Lithotripsy or Lithotripsy. Approximately 17% of the population of a country will have kidney stones within their lifetime.


Lithotripsy is a process by which Kidney stones are broken into small particles by Electromagnetic shockwaves, so they can to be passed naturally from the body through urination. Previously, Kidney stones could only be removed through invasive surgery resulting in 3-4 days in the hospital and a recovery period of 6 months.


The Lithotripsy procedure is monitored by your Urologist and can last anywhere from  30 to 34 minutes. Following the procedure the patient is usually held for observation and  discharged after an hour.



The Andrews Memorial Hospital  in Partnership with Jamaica Urological Partners and Integra Healthcare Foundation has arranged for this service to be offered at our facility.



the Andrews Memorial Hospital Proudly introduces this very timely and life changing Out Patient service to Jamaica in general, and in particular, the corporate area of Kingston and St. Catherine.


All major health insurance cards are accepted for this procedure.


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