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Bright futures
created every day!

Different dreams

Nurturing the total child

Bright Beginnings Educational Centre is a co-educational private institution which focuses on educating young students
from three to twelve years old.
Our aim is to develop a well-rounded student with a strong moral compass.

About Us

Bright Beginnings Educational Centre is a coeducational private institution which focuses on educating young students from three to twelve years old. Our aim is to develop a well – rounded student with a strong moral compass.


Bright Beginnings Educational Centre offers early childhood and primary level students an exceptional education in a safe, inviting environment while helping them learn responsibility, self-discipline and respect for others.


Our vision is to create an educational institution renowned for producing students who are not only academically adept but morally astute and in so doing contribute to the betterment of Jamaica and the world.

Our History

Bright Beginnings Educational Centre started as a Pre-School in September 1995 in the community of Bridgeport, St. Catherine.  It was the realization of the vision of veteran educator Vivene Headlam who dreamt of starting a school in which children would receive an excellent education in a nurturing environment.

“Parents say”

Sterling Brown

Sterling Brown

Father of 4th Grader

I am amazed daily at how much improvement Jared has shown in his short period of time while at Bright Beginnings, He is showing a new curiousity in so many things.

Suan Jones

Suan Jones

Mother of 6th Grader

Simone was so worried about GSAT, no matter how I tried to put her at ease her anxieties caused her to clam up. During Grade 5, we switched her to Bright Beginnings

Francine Sharpe

Francine Sharpe

Mother of 2nd Grader

Sharla had major problems learning new words. After a few weeks with Aunty Viviene we saw the change almost immediately.



835 Watson Boulevard

Cedar Grove Estates
Gregory Park P.O.
St Catherine


(876) 746-7615

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