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Andrews Memorial Hospital (AMH)  continues to distinguish itself as a premier medical hospital in Jamaica by introducing some of the most innovative and technologically advanced medical services and procedures on the island.

Cancer, Hypertension, Diabetes and  Heart Disease ranks highest among the diseases responsible for the majority of deaths on our island each year. It may also be argued that Heart disease unlike the others,  contributes disproportionately more to the death of our children than all the other mentioned diseases combined. 

Consistent with our commitment to educating our patients and the wider community in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, AMH also encourages our patients to take full advantage of the available information on this disease.   Heart Disease is often either congenital that is, present at birth or lifestyle related. The articles below offer clear and current information on this topic.

The CDC on Heart Defects 

Congential Heart Disease – Essential Information and Primer

Kid’s Health – What Is an Atrial Septal Defect?

Congenital Heart Defects

Jamaica-Cayman Heart Surgery MOU Leaves Parents, Doctors Overjoyed

Andrews Memorial Hospital

Andrews Memorial Hospital